Tue Feb 17 12:32:52 CET 2009

cross gcc & GMP / MPFR

Why are GMP and MPFR necessary for a cross-gcc?

Anyways: I'm trying to build the cross-gcc 3.4.6 for the fritzbox, but
this doesn't build with gcc (Debian 4.3.2-1) 4.3.2

Trying with gcc-3.4 (GCC) 3.4.6 (Debian 3.4.6-9)

Ok, it builds but fails because of dejagnu.

Let's try to build it in a different way.. But first, what is this gmp
and mpfr about?  Is it about making target computations?  Or floating
point emu?

../../$(SOURCE)/binutils-$(BINUTILS_VER)/configure --prefix=$(PREFIX) \
              --with-sysroot=$(UCLIBC_INCLUDE) \
              --with-gmp-include=$(PREFIX)/include/ \
              --with-gmp-lib=$(PREFIX)/lib/ \
              --with-gmp=$(PREFIX) \
              --with-mpfr-include=$(PREFIX)/include/ \
              --with-mpfr-lib=$(PREFIX)/lib/ \
              --with-mpfr=$(PREFIX) \
              --target=$(TARGET) \