Sat Feb 7 11:30:45 CET 2009

running from one root image

I was wondering if my current "farm" could be made to run off of the
same debian image.  This includes 3 hosts:

  - zwizwa
  - zzz
  - giebrok

It would be nice if services and data could be duplicated too, but
that's probably not so easy.  The idea I had before is to run it as a

To do this practically, an incremental path needs to be devised.  The
server will run off a read-only partition, and services will be moved
into this one by one.  Current services of interest are:

  - local net dns
  - vpn

Let's try to get giebrok instance running on vserver in zzz and

OK.  This works after changing some config variables in
/etc/vservers/ziebrok (copied from degamma:/etc/vservers/giebrok)

Next: boot it with a different init script.  I'd like to just boot ssh
and nothing else.  However, this does need a separate ssh config.

It's probably best to not bind ssh on zzz to to allow vshosts
to work.  Remember that vserver uses interfaces setup on the host


You need a dummy0 interface:

 modprobe dummy
 ifconfig dummy0 up

This enables the vhost to bind to

Now I can start ssh using the default config:

  vserver ziebrok start --rescue /usr/sbin/sshd   # -D -e

However, I needed to add this to make it work:
PrivilegeSeparation = no

To set dns:


# Example for starting a vserver with SSHD running.


echo -ne "search $DOMAIN\nnameserver $NS\n" >/etc/resolv.conf