Mon Feb 2 19:48:25 CET 2009

dsl + fritz

2 things:

  - I saw the phoneline is terminated with a capacitor and some
    resistors..  Is this the reason for 3Mbit instead of 4Mbit?  The
    DSL spectrum shown by the fritzbox is completely 1st order
    lowpass.  Is this normal?  Doesn't look like it is:


  - With FRITZ!Box Fon 5124 Annex A, Firmware version 57.04.47 telnet
    can be enabled by dialing #96*7*


    So with shell access, I was wondering, what toolchain is necessary
    to build programs, and can the switch be made to support VLAN?

    Now, have a look at this one.  It mentions debootstrap.


debootstrap --arch mipsel etch fritz http://debian.i/debian

actually, this needs --foreign and even then doesn't work well..

i copied some the old zorro initial mipsel-lenny install on a usb
stick, but now i'm having trouble chrooting into the tree..

it supports netcat+tar to transfer files

netcat -l -p 12345 | tar xf

it does look like the firmware is completely read-only..  only /var is
writable (ramfs)

i tried statically linked mipsel binary for busybox but failed
"illegal instruction"..

ok. this one works:

now i can chroot using:

modprobe ext2
mkdir /var/tmp/disk
mount /dev/sda1/ /var/tmp/disk
./busybox chroot /var/tmp/disk bash

trying dist-upgrade to lenny

(btw, the acer one works nice in keyboard-only operation, with a large
terminus font)

ok.. fritz..
maybe it's best to copy zorro install instead of trying to get it to
work from scratch again..  otoh, it might be nice to see how exactly
it worked.

  * chrooted sshd

ok.. it's not lenny that's running on zorro, but etch.
upgrade to lenny failed.  some script caused illegal instruction,
probably out of memory..

maybe enable swap?

ok.. etch seems to work.

for ssh, the trick is to

mount /dev/pts.
mount /proc     # maybe not necessary

hmm.. looks like that image was already configured..

the box has about 15 MB of free RAM, which is nice..

so.. how to boot it properly?
maybe it's easiest to boot it externally using telnet,