Sat Jan 3 11:38:24 CET 2009


Integrating fritz better into the network.  It's probably easiest to
disable its dhcp, give it a static address, and plug some ports to
zzz.  What I want is the 4 lan ports to be on

1.  Make sure ZZZ doesn't use dhcp to connect to fritz.

2.  Try to bridge vlan11 and the trusted net, to see if the switch
    ports on the fritzbox give local net IPs.

I tried this on zzz, but couldn't get it to work properly (interaction
of of bridges, vlans and ip-aliases i don't inderstand..)

Trying on smurf now.

OK. got confused again..

Maybe it's easiest to just use a second trusted IP space and use
routing instead of bridging. is still available.

Ok.. re-enabling fritzbox dhcp, but running an extra IP net over the
same wire.  Is this possible?

I'm getting more confused now.. IP aliasing works fine, but I have
masquerading defined per interface, so it wont work in current setup
with 2 ip nets over the same wire.  Let's make things static: change
IP of fritz and turn 17 into a separate "DMZ" style topology.

Ok, this works fine: fritz is again dhcp master of 17 + zorro connects
to private net through vpn.  However, I'm going to get rid of zorro
there and replace it with the printer connected to the fritzbox.