Tue Dec 9 10:50:13 CET 2008

new network?

Let's make this a bit more virtual.  A network server should:

  * Provide routing + dhcp + dns.
  * Local openvpn for wifi (mirror the v-net)
  * Print services
  * Email
  * Local media cache

This means LEX's networks are:

24   reserved
25   local non-trusted (wifi)
26   local vpn trusted
27   local trusted

LEX vpn to zwizwa is part of the .v network, called lex-zwizwa.

Now, in order to be able to run lex on a host with only a single
network card, I'm going to use a linksys router (drone) with vlans as
a port expander.  This is an extension of the already existing vlan2 =

[WIFI AP]-----[eth1:DRONE:eth0]----[6]
                                   [4]----[local trusted net]
                                   [3]----[net 3] untrusted isolated networks
                                   [2]----[net 2]
                                   [1]----[net 1]

The LEX box is only doing external network routing, so could be
replaced with something simple.  All storage will be on the local
trusted net, which could be a gigabit switch.

Can zorro be used for this?  Smurf as drone + access point, and zorro
as router?  Maybe zorro isn't necessary even: just use statically
generated configuration files on smurf.  But, I'd like to run a full
debian on the main host at least..