Tue Dec 9 08:27:28 CET 2008

the move

Time to move zzz to a different machine.  It's probably really easiest
to just move the drive in its entirety to the lex box.  The things to
change are:

  * only using one network interface
  * disabling kotnet stuff

The alternative is to mimick only the used features:

  * Print server (cups)
  * DNS (dnsmasq + guile)
  * OpenVPN client (giebrok + zwizwa)
  * OpenVPN server for WIFI + general network security

I'm a bit afraid about putting in a new HD, since the lex box is a bit
flakey.  In the end, the zzz HD is going to end up in a new box, but
for now I need a simple fallthrough.


  * Fred is now 19.  The original reason for this: it being wifi
    provider the zzz block (16-19).  This needs to change to something

  * Let's keep the zzz address space: 16-19.  The entire network

 0- 7   not routable (local private networks)
 8-11   fixed semi-trusted friend networks (sam = 10, fred = 11)
12-15   fixed zwizwa
16-19   fixed zzz
20-23   fixed dynamic routing nets (dell laptop = 22)