Sun Oct 26 09:48:21 CET 2008

Hoeher H018 DVD player

4GB USB stick with FAT32 didn't work, so I copied a 1G SD card disk
image with FAT16 onto the stick.

I'd like to see what's in it.. Void warrantee? Yes..

Main IC: Is a Zoran DVD Multimedia Processor.  Marked 0/8 in purple +
black line on a circular label glued on the chip.  Under the label:

  Zoran ZR36888HLCG
  A1 TS7DGP0743MBC
  Vaddis (R) 888
  Dolby Digital

There's a 64Mb/166MHz DRAM chip W9864G6GH-6, a NOR Flash chip
S29AL016D70-TFIO02, and a CD5954CB dvd/cdrom controller chip.

The bottom of the board has only passive components, and is marked

I found a service manual for Vaddis 9 on DTForum..  Also found this:

http://jefferson-ryan.blogspot.com/2006/12/porta-serial-do-zoran-uma-luz-no-fim-do.html? showComment = 1172572380000