Sun Oct 12 11:33:42 CEST 2008

low latency audio

trying to follow the advice from here:


building it on ed, PIII1000 with the rme + ice cards.

1. split root fs (hda3:ext2) / usr+home (hda2:reiserfs)

   Create the new ext2 root partition, copy all but user+home.  Copy
   usr/home to another partition.  Edit the new root partition's
   /etc/fstab to mount the partition with usr+home, setup appropriate
   symlinks and configure grub to boot from this disk.  When this
   works, remove cruft from the old root dir, leaving only usr+home
   and edit fstab again.  Delete the intermediate usr+home partition,
   now to become the recording partition (also ext2).

2. interrupts are APIC.