Fri Oct 3 12:00:08 CEST 2008


let's see.. in order to play with this it might be best to run it on
actual hardware instead of a simulator.  simplest app would be a read
from the serial port + some communication of this data to user space.

building it seems not problematic. next: install on the lex board.

EDIT: installing
starting with the latest xenomai 2.4.5
trying to run it on the dell pentium-m laptop.

my kernel config has some features it don't like though:

  *** WARNING! You enabled APM, CPU Frequency scaling or ACPI 'processor' ***
  *** option. These options are known to cause troubles with Xenomai. ***
  *** NOTE: Xenomai needs either X86_LOCAL_APIC enabled or HPET_TIMER disabled.
  *** (menu Processor type and features) ***