Wed Sep 3 15:32:18 CEST 2008

ed / audio equipment update

ed is broken again, and i need to find a solution for the synth
hardware. keep or not?

what about this:

  * keep ed, but only to drive the delta1010, so it can be packed
    together with the behringer power supply and any other loud
    machine in the electronics lab.

  * get a new silent machine for the 2 digital cards connected to the
    yamaha mixer, that would go into the recording studio / silent
    study room.

  * hook up the analog synth + 606 to a special-purpose analog
    postprocessing network.


  * hook up the MC303s and the JUNO as a user interface, possibly
    connecting their audio out to analog effects.

I'd like to do something special with this..  I have some affection
for the machine, but it's quite hard to interface.

Edit: took apart the MC303 and found a service manual.  Hooking up a
microcontroller to the front panel seems like a straightforward mod.
The motherboard could still be used in stand-alone mode, hooked up to