Fri Aug 8 15:28:44 CEST 2008

wifi vlan stuff

The idea: don't do any processing on the wifi router (smurf), but
transport the untrusted wifi traffic to a centrail point (zzz) which
will perform firewall + routing + dhcp.

On the router (smurf) create vlan2 which connects the cpu port (5t) to
any of the external ports (4t). The cpu needs tagged packets to be
able to create a vlan interface, and the external ports will also
carry tagged packates to create a vlan port on (zzz).

Additionally, all external ports route ordinary traffic.

The problem is: wrt seems to not receive anything. This does look like
a hardware problem. Some packets come through, most do not. I checked
all the cables and connections, the problem has to be inside the
box. Going to replace it. Fuck. I messed up the other one too now by
making an nvram change..