Sun Apr 20 10:40:37 EDT 2008

openvpn / dns prob

Sat Apr 19 08:58:29 2008 RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: zwizwa.h1x.com: [TRY_AGAIN] A temporary error occurred on an authoritative name server.

there are several occurences earlier in the year.
- disk space ok
- "sv restart dnsmasq" didn't do anything

kotnet dns server?

2008-04-20_14:41:22.82860 dnsmasq: using nameserver
2008-04-20_14:41:22.82896 dnsmasq: using nameserver
2008-04-20_14:41:22.82927 dnsmasq: using nameserver
2008-04-20_14:41:22.82958 dnsmasq: using nameserver

the first 2 do not respond.. the last 2 don't give zwizwa.h1x.com
zwizwa.mooo.com is ok. maybe the problem is with changeip? time to