Sun Apr 13 20:12:56 EDT 2008

openvpn on windows

openvpn on windows:

OK... need to clean up zwizwa's openvpn stuff, mostly segment the
network so access is limited.

quite straightforward actually. ``just works'' nice surprise.

now to automatically connect:

   openvpn-gui --connect i-vpn.ovpn

but how to put this in a .lnk ?
maybe a batch file is necessary

it's probably easier to just figure out how to start a batch/bash file
as a service. or find out if runit works on cygwin.

can use this too:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"openvpn-gui"="C:\\Program Files\\OpenVPN\\bin\\openvpn-gui.exe --connect client1.ovpn"

EDIT: enabling the service, and making sure they are readable (by
SYSTEM user) works nice: will restart automaticly when internet
connectivity changes.