Mon Mar 31 08:14:11 EDT 2008

lansing network simplification

fred + zorro/modem/wg121

the wg121 should be able to run with multiple ap or at least support
wds for fred. trying to eliminate sam.

  * reset the wg121. probably firmware got broken, so reinstalling in
  windows. -> that works. but i get the same errors on linux. giving
  up there.

2nd option: get a 2nd wrt54g.

what's the trade-off
  - almost certainly going to work (if the version n# is ok)
  - trades wrt54g for wg121+fonera+ethernet (which is what i pay for)

OK so i'm waiting for the 2nd wrt54g to arrive. curious how this will
work out. the breaking point is going to be wether i can have an
un-encrypted wds link together with an encrypted client connection.

as far as i understand, wds isn't ESSID based, but MAC based. also, i
saw it's possible to make wds links without having an AP. should work

if that works, the best route to go is to use zorro with modem
attached, possibly mgetty, a way to choose between wifi and dialup,
and setup samba.