Tue Mar 25 21:12:07 EDT 2008

wordpress on debian

single install, multiple blogs?
this is not a good thing for file uploads: best to keep them local.
also, one db for all blogs might be bad too..

why doesn't wordpress just put things in the database?

ok.. seems that there's a single directory with uploads shared by all

tsss.. files created are 666 ;)
this needs to be done differently. shared blogs = crap. upload needs
to be per user.

let's try to understand this better,

1. suexec

i don't trust php code accessing global server data, so let's limit it
to single users with wp 2.0.10 in user dir.

2. mysql auth

can't find a way to have (system) root automatically be database
root. solved with /root/bin/mysql =

exec /usr/bin/mysql -pxxxxxxxx "$@"

and this path enabled for interactive sessions

3. sqlite

would be nice to have wp run off sqlite.. mysql 100MB is total
overkill. can't really trim it down much. looking around for sqlite i
find only buggy patches.. maybe stay out of this..