Fri Oct 19 19:45:47 CEST 2007

more emacs email

got it organized like this now:
    * converted all Maildirs -> mbox format (using movemail)
    * kept procmail to deliver to xxx.mdir
    * wrote a movemail script to move .mdir to .mbox
    * maybe best let vm run the script to update boxes?
    * added auto-mode for .mbox

seems to me mbox is better in the end. the only real problem is shared
access, but the current movemail approach solves it. mbox are easier
to process too. it does mean i give up on courier imap folders, and
would use imap only to fetch mail.

so, on each machine i have ~/mail/INBOX.mdir where the mailer will
store incoming messages. this is the directory both vm and mutt check
for new mail. when vm checks mail, it moves messages to