Sun Apr 15 21:37:53 CEST 2007

ip aliasing ipv tunneling voor wrt routers

wat ik nu heb is ethernet over udp (vtun), gebridged. wat ik wou doen
is ip over ethernet, dmv ip aliasing. lijkt me meer robuust en
simpeler dan udp tunnels, maar dhcp gaat dan niet werken, tenzij ik
andere truuken ga gebruiken.

ok, obviously (after trying :) an ip alias is not ethernet but ip
layer, so it can't be bridged. for this vlans are necessary.

so it looks like udp is still the right solution, unless i can get
vlans to work. my only concern here is the namespace. if the router
uses 0 and 1, what do i call the segment that represents the unsafe
network on the main ethernet? the question is: do the tags survive the
eth0 <-> switch part?