Wed Apr 11 14:53:20 EDT 2007

how to simplify xml

using the xexpr representation mentioned above, with spaces
stripped. still this is too complicated a structure. the idea is to
make it just a nested s-expression, with only name -> value pairs, and
use attributes for things that are not text or nested expressions.

	((a1 v1) (a2 v2))
	(tag1 ((a11 v11) (a12 v12)) (tag11 ..) (tag12))
	(tag2 <attrib> <elements>))

what i want is just this:

	(a1 . v1)
	(a2 . v2)
	(string . "text1")
	(tag1 ((a11 . v11) (a12 . v12) (tag11 . (...))))
	(string . "text2")
	(tag2 . (...))

this means the fist simplification is to not allow text floating
inbetween nested things: it needs to be wrapped in a 'string' tag.