Thu Apr 5 13:08:52 EDT 2007

scsh -- the pain of unix

the pain of unix is really impedance matching. it's nice to have all
these small utilities output data tables in their own adhoc way, but
it sucks to parse them == match them to other things.

i guess, the 'worse is better' motto applies here. it's good to not
have standards since it would slow dev, but it's good to have
standards to allow interopration. looks like we just need to fill the
gap with something that does the trick, and perl is really not the

scsh to the rescue, i hope. i'd like to get rid of sh,grep,awk or
perl, and do it properly: parse output into an s-expression, then work
with that.

problem is i can't get scsh to run on the routers. cross compilation
doesn't seem to work, and it seems to be a bit too big too.

so what about tethering? all i really need is ssh and some basic
'machine language' which could be the shell.