Sun Nov 26 11:50:48 EST 2006


what about this: replace both bind9 and dhcp3-server with something
simpler: dnsmasq configured per interface, serving of a generated
hosts and ether file. run it chrooted.

boot files and other things can be added to the command using

EDIT: Sun Dec 10 20:35:46 CET 2006

Dus wat ik hier wil doen is hetvolgende:
* simpelere dns/dhcp backend
* eigen programma dat dns truuken doet

* daemon in scheme
* update = hercompileer config + start dnsmasq

ok.. lijkt grotendeels te werken. problemen:
* ether -> ip koppeling per netwerk (of config file genereren) DONE
* runit + logger DONE
* generate openvpn configs (zie oude file) DONE
* speciale dhcp options -> alst nodig is