Wed Apr 26 19:31:47 CEST 2006

network agent

Currently i'm experiencing problems due to the different string
formats in emacs and guile. I can patch around this probably, but the
easiest thing might be just to communicate between emacs and guile
using files, like the original emacs-client approach, with guile on
both sides of the channels.

It might be easiest to combine all this with the network agent idea
stated above. Here's a second iteration: I need an agent to solve
roaming problems. Basically, present a single unified interface to a
collection of machines, from a collection of terminals.

some requirements:

(1) every program on every machine can connect to agent
(2) agent can locate owner (host / terminal)
(3) agent can locate resources
(4) agent can synchronize resources

- guile (1)
- emacs (2)
- screen (2)
- ssh (1)
- darcs (4)
- mutt (3)
- evilwm (2)