Fri Apr 7 00:28:53 CEST 2006

simpler channels

Now that my confidence is built, let's make it a bit simpler. It all
works fine, except for some gnuserv/unicode troubles, so lets take it
out of the loop. It would be easier to just start a program from
within emacs, which logs into a remote host, and starts a channel
server there. Then the only hairy thing is the output filter and
protocol, since we can't make emacs block on read, we need to delimit
the atoms.

Currently we have 3 scheme programs and gnuserv, this should be
limited to 2 scheme programs (client-server)

So it is possible to read without delims, using:

(condition-case oops
    (read-from-string "(1 2 3")
  (error oops))