Tue Dec 31 12:35:06 EST 2013

Parsing HTML

Which is better.  html or xml ?

(require html)
(define x (read-html-as-xml (open-input-file "...")))
(define h (read-html (open-input-file "...")))

I want to look for an element that matches this:
   <table id="<ID>">

How to query XML in racket?


(se-path*/list '(table) x)

Ok this is a bit of a mess.
xml, html, xexpr

What's the problem?  The file is not xhtml, so doesn't seem to be
easily handled in racket.  I.e. I'll need to do manual traversal on
the html datastructure.

How to do better?
- use external tool to convert to xhtml, then use the xml / xexpr tools in racket
- use the racket html datastructure anyway

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