Sun Mar 27 18:27:45 EDT 2011


I'm thinking of using PGD as a busy indicator.  This works as long as
we're careful about not driving from both sides.  It's a bit
unpredictable to know what PK2 is doing; it doesn't release
immediately.  Therefore it might be best to install a 1K current
limiting resistor on the PGD line.

However that's a severe limitation.  I'd like this to work with just
the chip in a socket tied to a PK2.

Maybe the AUX line should be used?

Wait.. I could use the RB pullups.  Pullup enabled = busy, released =

All that is to stick to 2 lines.  Going to 3 lines it's probably best
to switch to I2C or SPI.

pullups configured by active low: INTCON2 RBPU

Nope... they are too weak.  Only go up to about 1V?

So...  If I want 2-wire, I need better timing.