Thu Mar 26 16:29:07 CET 2009

PF ideas

Some of today's intuitive flashes..

  * pf object tree in filesystem

      Instead of managing data objects internally, why not export them
      as a filesystem?  This would open some doors for serialization.
      Since the whole idea of PF is to run in two regimes: startup
      (compile code / build datastuctures) and run, this might not be
      such a bad approach.  The only question is: is this expensive?
      Once disk objects are memory-mapped, do they behave as files or
      as memory?  And is a ramfs filesystem really fast enough?

  * functions from types: all functions = type convertors

      One of the early ideas in PF is to make all data-conversion
      automatic.  Thinking about this some more: a lot of programs
      these days translate data from one form into another, and don't
      really do much more (they don't "act").  Can this be
      extrapolated to a point where types themselves define programs,
      and functions between them can be derived automatically?

      I ran into some google video presentation about code that does
      this in a more mathematical setting, but can it be done for
      simple applications?

      (I.e. given a pair of images (which provides order) a binary
      operator (-) and the "map" function represented as a type, the
      combined operation can be derived.)