Tue May 29 12:22:10 CEST 2007

pure data objects

to make objects, i can use the shallow binding from swaptask, and a
way to add variables. i.e. 'property', which does both global var
alloc, and task local spec.

i think i'm almost there now:

1. mainloop swaps in the current object before responding to a message
2. object creation/deletion respect this protocol
3. the current task at object create/deletion is always the main loop

what about creating a new task every time a message is sent?

hmm.. that defeats the whole idea of having local state.. it's
probably better to make a swaptask that takes an extra argument: the
number of data atoms to exchange together with the task..

ok, seems to work a bit.

now, to simplify: empty list means return. this makes it easier to
just send a list of forth code to an object.

dsp part is working too.
- sync stuff: take out all delay loops: make sure scheduler runs once/dsp tick.
- create a 'method' word to implement shallow binding.

sync stuff seems to work. now for the 'method' things.