Wed May 9 15:43:11 CEST 2007


maybe it's better to just make errors to be the union of:

<error> = <primitive error> | (<primitive error> "message" ...)

and get rid of the 'errno' behaviour, because it is way to
compilicated to use in a multi-task environment..

it should be possible to have 'or-throw' and 'throw' support
this. let's give it a try.


i cut out a whole lot now.. e_idle is broken. i don't understand why
this is there any more, so i'm going to take it out, including the
reset vector.


ok, looks like i pulled it off. quite a cut, i took out a lot. the pf
binary is just a wrapper now, and the command line options are
disabled. next thing is the error printing for tasks.