Sun Apr 22 17:32:44 CEST 2007

pf is not scheme

and i sort of regret that.. lexical scoping is important, and cons
cells are important too. however, because i DONT use late binding,
some other tricks are possible: global variables don't really cause
name clashes when they are used 'close together'.

variable accumulator
: accumulate something
	() accumulator !
	get-list { accumulator push } for-each
	accumulator @> ;

it's safe to just re-use the name accumulator later on, which will
shadow the already defined use, but that's ok, since the name served
its purpose.

tricks like these of course only work when the code will never be
re-entered, so only cooperative multitasking is possible.

of course, the real solution is to use lexical scoping, or even just
dynamic scoping..