Wed Nov 29 14:20:19 EST 2006


there are still problems with interrupt. if it occurs when the
scheduler is running, the only thing i can think of is to completely
reset the interpreter by calling warm. however, this discards all I/O
and messes up consoles. maybe i should just restart a console then?

when do you need interrupt? if something gets stuck in a
loop. otherwize it doesn't really do much.

running into some weird bugs.. need to clean up again.
what about taking out 'tick' and writing it as tasks?

ok.. the thing is: the signal handler sets an interrupt flag, which is
then translated to an e_interrupt in the inner interpreter. individual
functions may not return e_interrupt, since this will mess up the
masking. e_interrupt is only for interrupting forth code, but it
should be possible to mask it.

i need to start over with the whole interrupt thing.. it's broken.

the problem is: the console receives the interrupt, but the daemon
receives it too, since they have the same controlling tty.

i think i'm just going to give up on that for a sec: just don't make
infinite loops.