Wed Nov 22 20:37:40 EST 2006

ready for scheduler

ok. it was a bit less trivial than i thought, but i guess most of it
is in place now. time to rewrite the buffer output code to forth code,
so i can do proper spawining/killing/... of tasks.

the current buffer writing tasks could be simply a single XT that's
restarted, basicly doing a 'output-buffered' operation, followed by a
kill-task. simple enough. then i just need a mechanism to spawn (add
it to the list) and to wake up on I/O.

tasks can wait for OS fd's, or for sync variables, which can be just
empty (undef) to indicate a waiting condition, so a task structure is
somthing like:

thread = (channel DS RS)

active lowlevel I/O tasks can be identified by select, while higlevel
forth I/O could be identified by a single variable.