Fri Nov 3 16:03:37 EST 2006

readline console

the black sheep. it sucks. can we do anything about it? the question
is, do we do line based, or multiple line io? in the latter case,
command completion won't work inside a list. what about using 2 pipes?
one for query, and one for continuous I/O?

alright.. what about this:
- readline in a thread, like before
- communication over 2 pipes: zero terminated strings

the wordlists comes as a space separated zero terminated string

i need to get this over with so i can start doing some interesting
stuff again.. forgive me, what where you doing? trying to purge pf of
threads. and maybe rewrite malloc. kidding.

of course, i know what the real solution is going to look like: each
pf session opens a unix socket to which multiple consoles can
connect. for interactive (readline and emacs) use, 2 connections are
needed: one for pre-emptable user input, and one for command
completion and maybe other queries: both channels are essentially

haha. i thought i was done :) there's the interpreter state, which is
global, not stream bound. this is easily solved though: allow only one
'human' console, which owns the compiler, and several isolated message
based command pipes. or use only one-shot interpretation (find a
single sybol) instead of list-interpret.