Wed Aug 30 04:19:42 CEST 2006

packet pool

the packet pool maps integers -> pointers.  the original reason for
this is to be able to check wether packet id's are valid, without
having to use hash tables for this dereference them. in pf this is no
longer the case. packet id's are nowhere accessible, so there's no
reason for them not to be pointers.

it's a pure PDP relic, and it should be possible to remove it, and
replace it with a stack to keep track of all the packets for later
ad-hoc 'GC' algos.

i probably can't change the fact that a packet is represented by an
int, since it's all over the code, so it might be wize to just leave
this in, or byte the sour apple and go to packet_t and leave int

i probably need to fork to fix this one. thinking about it very
briefly sends shivers down my spine. the assumption that a packet is
an int is really everywhere. one for the list.. i really need a new