Wed Aug 9 10:10:56 CEST 2006

foamy things

two problems to fix today:
* colour space conversion: i420 -> rgb
* disable nested functions to work around apple arrogance

i thought i already fixed the colourspace conversion
problem.. apparently not. currently there's the function
'image:crotate' which is the general colour transform.

(problem was in matrix inverses.. somehow it gave nan results.. after
rewrite to use some macros.h stuff, it seemed to work.)

some more remarks. digging in the matrix code, fixing some
things. noticed this: often it happens i want to clone something i
only have a matrix_t reference to. the thing what's wrong is that
there's no connection from the lowlevel data (subheader) to the
management layer (packet). so what's there:

* packet (integer)
* raw packet (pf_packet_t)
* real data (subheader)

something that seems to fix things is the PUSH_CLONE matrix.