Fri Jul 21 00:01:53 BST 2006


thinking about switching to Factor, or at least investigating it well
enough to see if it would be worthwhile. in any case, pf has to be
severely simplified. most important things are
* threads need to go, especially fine grained locks on data
* unified type system
* unified exception system

what about this. i already have atoms as basic structure. atoms
consist of 3 things:
* type
* data
* next

i don't think i need generic pairs. changing that would be too
much. but, the type can be changed to something else. actually, 'type'
should be a function, or a relation 'member of' i.e. an indicator

it's hard to kill your baby.. rushing between wanting to change pf,
simplify it. then seeing that this is actually a whole lot of work
which can better be done by rewriting the tower of abstraction bottom
up, instead of top down simplification and optimization.