Mon Jul 3 14:31:42 EDT 2006


First, i had "quicktime/*" included instead of "lqt/*".  Apperently,
somewhere along the road this broke things. I updated my install to
0.9.9, which behaves differently in other ways, namely the differences

BC_YUV420P	video range yuv 16-240
BC_YUVJ420P	full range yuv 0-255

The first one is expected by video codecs, while the second one is
from photo jpeg. Confusing stuff. Basicly, this is about "black level"
and "white level", which i don't remember exactly what purpose this
serves, other than that it is part of video standards. I changed all
references from BC_YUV420P to BC_YUVj420P for now, which seems to fix
the problems i ran into.

Version 9.7 fails to compile with this feature. Probably 9.8 works,
(following the release notes) but i didn't test this.

Now i got this very strange problem.  When linking pf with
-lquicktime, it finds the symbol quicktime_match_32 when the plugin
libquicktime/lqt_mjpeg.so is loaded. However, if pf is not linked with
-lquicktime, i get the error message:

Trying to load module
/usr/local/lib/libquicktime/lqt_mjpeg.so: undefined symbol:

That last thing is only fixable by linking the main program with