Sun Apr 9 13:52:06 CEST 2006


Found myself a new problem: polywords.. They are not re-entrant, and i
appear to be in need for that to implement the recursive list>string

[later that day..]

So, in the end i didn't need re-entrant polywords for list>string, but
it's better to have them this way. I went ahead and cleaned up the
stream C code. This was a bit of a mess. It seems to work now: all
binary input/output is unified in streams. Non-binary output can be
unified on the XT level, with an output stack containing 3 atoms:
data, xt.write and xt.print in the same spirit as the input stack.

Things to do:
* Printing strings with null characters (as hex?)
* Output stack
* Stack printing: special case: write strings but print other packets.