Tue Mar 28 13:27:30 CEST 2006

new parser

Things that need to change:
* pre-emptable
* extensible

The easiest way to have this is to write it in forth. Then the problem
is to bootstrap it. To cut the feedback loop (bootstrapping is like a
Y combinator :) is to have a generator which translates forth code to

C code that does not need the parser.

This is actually the quest for more introspection / reflection. So we
need a way to feed pre-parsed code. (Fixed). Can't think right now,
but generating preparsed code seems to be pretty simple. Got stuck in
the parser again. I wonder if there's an easier way to describe it
using grammar.

Do i really need specific parsers? The only thing necessary is a forth
parser, and an s-expression parser. Yes. There's several things that
don't really work: parsing from string, readline line-based stuff, ...

So... What about worker threads? Since it's written in C anyway, there's
no real reason to not attach a thread to a stream... In that case, the
whole pre-emption story is moved to the OS.