Thu Mar 2 15:35:40 EST 2006


when i started out on pf, i didn't want to make an object-oriented language.
this is wrong. i DID want to make an OO language, but i didn't want methods
to be 'owned' by classes. i just wanted simple data objects + multimethods.
(i'm reading 'The Interpretation of Object-Oriented Programming Languages'
2nd Edition by Iain Craig. which i should have started way earlier.)

But, i don't want inheritance, and i dont want to create new classes to
abstract solutions to problems. my objects are the basic data types, and
the simple list/stack/tree/queue containers that group them.

PF is mainly about arithmetic (DSP) and data-flow. My types are simple: 
image, matrix. My I/O is fixed, and written in C (X11, xvideo, ...)

But, i do need to solve one problem properly: multimethod dispatch.
Currently it sort of works, but it's slow, and a big hack.