Mon Jan 30 03:23:26 CET 2006

forth bootstrapping

been thinking about gradual forth bootstrapping. like:

* integer core
* float words (E)
* array/grid processing (E)
* polymorphy (L)
* scheme like pairs & garbage collection
* true reflection (infinite reflective towers?)

where (E) stands for early binding, or compile time binding,
and (L) stands for late binding, or run time binding.

there is one practical level which is too hard to implement for
a unix-based portable forth, which is the assembler level. but
it should be possible to have reflection (meta compilation) on
the C level, wich might also facilitate C library interaction.

so the compiler, written in forth, is a forth -> C compiler.
reloading is done by dumping out C code, running gcc and reloading
the kernel. this almost requires an in-house editor.