Sun Jul 22 13:12:55 EDT 2012

Belkin rsync

Running rsync over ssh on local network seems to create quite a load.
Doesn't look like this is disk-limited!

top shows:
Cpu(s): 67.0%us, 26.7%sy,  0.0%ni,  0.0%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  6.3%si,  0.0%st

 2417 root      20   0 13512 5540 2356 R 65.9  8.9  77:29.60 sshd
 2422 root      20   0 16484 1636  404 S 27.8  2.6  33:28.20 rsync

I wonder if this is due to FPU emulation.  I guess those would be
software interrupts (si)

File transfer rate tops out at about 2MB/sec.

Using the OpenWRT ssh/rsync doesn't change the CPU ratios, and the
rate slows to 1.5MB/sec.  Looks like this is just due to slow CPU.