Sat Jun 30 14:04:08 EDT 2012

Asterisk OpenWRT

It's running and registers trunks, but it doesn't seem to let the IP
phone register.  It shows up in the peers after some random restarts,
but I dont see any SIP reply packets using tcpdump.

It doesn't seem to be a firewall problem: netcat works fine on udp sip
port 5060.

What is weird is that nothing shows up in the logs, and I see only

So let's stick to debian.

I tried again to run it, at it seems to be spinning for 9 minutes..
Maybe just let it sit there for an hour or so and see where it goes.
It's been spinning for 27 minutes and my phone doesn't register.
Conclusion: doesn't work.

However, it would be nice to get it to run, as it seems to be a lot
more lightweight on OpenWRT..