Sat Oct 18 08:56:45 CEST 2008

zorro kamikaze

uses: http://downloads.openwrt.org/kamikaze/7.09/brcm-2.4/packages/ by
default, but this has very little packages.  manually downloaded and
installed openvpn from 7.06

now i'm going crazy.. openvpn reports:

Sat Oct 18 07:22:21 2008 /etc/openvpn/v/up tap0 1500 1592 init
sh: /etc/openvpn/v/up: not found

typing this manually gives the same!
root@zorro:/etc/openvpn# /etc/openvpn/v/up tap0 1500 1592 init
-ash: /etc/openvpn/v/up: not found

the script really is there, and executable..
root@zorro:/etc/openvpn# cat /etc/openvpn/v/up