Sun Mar 22 10:56:32 EDT 2020

blue pill as device programmer

Asked on #openocd on freenode.

10:59 < tom> Hi. Is anyone aware of open firmware that can go on a "blue pill" STM32F103 board to act as a programmer supported by OpenOCD?
11:02 < clever> tom: not a proper answer, but ive just been using an rpi4 with sysfs_gpio bit-banging
11:04 < tom> clever: i might be able to do the same on the blue pill. how does the speed compare to a typical programmer?
11:05 < clever> with sysfs_gpio, its a bit slow, but plenty usable for arm debug and loading small (<50kb) .elf files into ram

EDIT: Maybe not the rabbit hole to go down into.

11:09 < PaulFertser> tom: yes, there're several options even
11:13 < PaulFertser> tom: https://github.com/devanlai/dap42
11:15 < PaulFertser> tom: looks like an active projet, there was also https://github.com/x893/CMSIS-DAP
11:27 < tom> PaulFertser: thanks!
11:27 < PaulFertser> tom: please share how it goes, probably write a mail to the mailing list
11:27 < PaulFertser> tom: btw, are you aware of fake stm32f103 chips and the firmware tool to test them?
11:50 < tom> PaulFertser: re fake chips: no, not aware
11:53 < PaulFertser> tom: https://github.com/keirf/Greaseweazle/wiki/STM32-Fakes
11:54 < PaulFertser> tom: better to run their blinky to be sure what kind of fake it is so that you can know exactly what features are broken.

That is going to be a good starting point.  Can't get it to do
anything atm.  Not sure what's up.