Sun Nov 24 10:48:20 EST 2019


cd /i/tom/exo/nix
nix-env -f erlang.nix -i --substituters ssh://panda

This gives:

warning: substituter 'ssh://panda' does not have a valid signature for path '/nix/store/8kfxvs683f951s19bkjbjk3p93p4vqvr-erlang-19.3'

nix-store --generate-binary-cache-key panda /nix/secret-key /nix/public-key

I tried a couple of things: generating keys, adding them to nix.conf,
using ssh-ng instead of ssh.  There are too many parameters here, and
it seems things have changed a lot over time so not quite sure where
to get the information.  This worked, and is ok for now:

nix-env -f /i/tom/exo/nix/erlang.nix -i --substituters ssh-ng://tom@ --no-require-sigs