Wed Nov 20 09:47:59 EST 2019

Buildroot on nix

I think I've found a way to do this by side-stepping the entire issue.

It is not necessary to encapsulate buildroot as nix packages.  The
reason is mostly that it is much more convenient to be able to use
buildroot as an "open" system.  E.g. something that has a current
build cache such that it can be used for incremental builds.

Two things are important to see:

- nix-env can be used to create binary products on top of /nix

- those binaries could be installed network-wide as long as the /nix
  dependencies are installed as well

It is usually ok to have only a single version in the current "open"
development environment.  This still gives a well-packaged,
well-defined version-pinned tree, but avoids some of the strong nix
constraints and inconveniences.

Especially for embedded software, the end products will not depend on
/nix at all.

For a target that supports /nix, use Nix's cross compiler
infrastructure.  I currently do not have a need for that (Pi, BBB, or
the Colibri).