Fri Nov 8 07:31:26 EST 2019

ct-ng build didn't finish properly

[INFO ]  Finalizing the toolchain's directory: done in 3.02s (at 22:50)
[INFO ]  Build completed at 20191108.052821
[INFO ]  (elapsed: 22:49.85)
[INFO ]  Finishing installation (may take a few seconds)...
+ mkdir -p /nix/store/9bmcaszi9q45ppkq0z01zlfyjkd65pcn-crosstool-ng-arm
+ cp -a .build/arm-unknown-eabi/buildtools/arm-unknown-eabi .build/arm-unknown-eabi/buildtools/bin .build/arm-unknown-eabi/buildtools/include .build/arm-unknown-eabi/buildtools/lib .build/arm-unknown-eabi/buildtools/libexec .build/arm-unknown-eabi/buildtools/share /nix/store/9bmcaszi9q45ppkq0z01zlfyjkd65pcn-crosstool-ng-arm/

** (process:5872): ERROR **: 00:28:27.175: main: nftw(prefix, nftw_remove, getdtablesize(), FTW_DEPTH | FTW_MOUNT | FTW_PHYS): Permission denied
builder for '/nix/store/gzan7f9gp1gqa213d6wb0mv9iqqm3cr1-crosstool-ng-arm.drv' failed due to signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap)
error: build of '/nix/store/gzan7f9gp1gqa213d6wb0mv9iqqm3cr1-crosstool-ng-arm.drv' failed

EDIT: This looks like it wants to remove something, judging from
nftw_remove.  I wonder if that is inside of cp.

Weird eh.


No, googling forn "ftw prefix nftw_remove getdtablesize" leads to nix
sources.  https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/33106

Maybe try again if this really needs chrootenv?  Because that's where this points at.

EDIT: On zion I noticed ~/x-tools with the cross compiler.  I think it
puts it there without "asking".