Sun Oct 27 18:42:00 EDT 2019

final word?

- work in "open setting" as much as possible
- once a build is stable, rebuild it as closed
- don't worry about inefficiencies

anything else is either going to be very inefficient (bandwidth-wise)
or just complicated to make it faster.

buildroot is too big to handle in one piece with nix.
the real solution is to build something similar on nix.

what is possible though, is to keep an "open" setup.

note that a full build is possible, but it will re-download on every
build, so we probably want to create a local package mirror to do

i could in theory create a manual mirror that is bootstrapped from an
"open" build, and copy all the files into the temp store for building.

the correct way to do it is just inefficient wrt. download bandwidth.
that's all really.

it would be possible to fix that by making all the sources explicit in
buildroot, which is good practice anyway.