Tue Oct 22 17:00:02 EDT 2019

buildroot and nix

I really want to make this work.  The main issue seems to be that
buildroot assumes LSB, and nix violates that.


Is there a way to introduce a compatibility layer?

I think apenwarr made an effort for redo:

asking on irc:

17:09 < doelie> hi. anyone aware of current efforts to make buildroot work on nix/nixos?
17:13 < mdash> doelie: i haven't heard of any, clever did this though https://github.com/cleverca22/not-os
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17:14 < doelie> mdash: neat. thanks for the link!
17:14 < mdash> looks like this buildroot-using thing calls buildFHSUserEnv https://github.com/swift-nav/piksi_buildroot/blob/v2.3.0-release/default.nix
17:18 < doelie> mdash: buildFHSUserEnv is probably the missing element i wasn't aware of.  thanks again.



EDIT: Added exo/deps/nixbr containing that default.nix