Tue Mar 12 09:33:48 EDT 2019

how to point llvm-hs to llvm 7.0.1?

tom@panda:~$ nix-env -i llvm
installing 'llvm-6.0.1'

But 7.0.1 is not there.

tom@panda:~/exo/deps/nixpkgs/pkgs$ nix-channel --update nixpkgs
unpacking channels...
created 5 symlinks in user environment

Now this works:

tom@panda:~$ nix-env -i llvm-7.0.1

In the derivation for llvm-hs, it just mentions llvm-config.  Can I
make this llvm-config-7.0.1?

Basically, where is "llvm" or "llvm-config" defined?

BTW did I say this is really neat?
Requires some time investment though..

Global names are here:


but I find only "llvm"


tom@panda:~/exo/hs/nixpkgs$ grep -re ' llvm-config =' *
pkgs/development/haskell-modules/configuration-nix.nix:    let base = super.llvm-general.override { llvm-config = pkgs.llvm_35; };
pkgs/development/haskell-modules/configuration-nix.nix:        llvm-config = pkgs.llvm_6;

Looks like this is just a bug?  This is set to 6:

  llvm-hs =
      let dontCheckDarwin = if pkgs.stdenv.isDarwin
                            then dontCheck
                            else pkgs.lib.id;
      in dontCheckDarwin (super.llvm-hs.override {
        llvm-config = pkgs.llvm_6;

setting it to 7

ok that did it