Tue Nov 21 15:40:54 EST 2017

default build script / builder.sh

what does it do?

source $stdenv/setup

Not too hard to find it
ls -l /nix/store/*-stdenv/setup

From inspection, it seems possible to configure the phases, and likely
not run install that way.

# Just a hack to make it continue
installTargets = "--help";

Problem is that it really doesn't install anything, so the output
directory is empty.

The simplest is probably to keep the standard build script as it sets
up the environment, but to add a wrapper makefile.

makefile = "wrap.mk";

	make all
	cd libopencm3 ; cp -a include lib $(out)/

To get there, I've added "pwd ; ls -al ; set" in there to get an idea
of what it is doing.